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AMD and Canonical Unveil OpenStack Cloud in a Box

By on 23/09/2015

AMD and Canonical unveiled a joint solution that provides a private OpenStack cloud in a box.

The collaboration aims to simplify getting an OpenStack cloud up and running through an integrated plug-and-play solution. The solution includes AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000 server, Canonical’s Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and OpenStack.


Another recent integrated OpenStack solution came from a collaboration by Cisco and Red Hat.

“AMD and Canonical have dedicated a tremendous amount of engineering resources to ensure an integrated solution that removes the complexity of an OpenStack technology deployment,” said Dhiraj Mallick, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD data center server solutions.

The bundle was able to spin up 168,000 virtual machines using the Ubuntu feature called Metal as a Service (MAAS) and orchestration tool Juju. Juju was used for deployment and MAAS set up the hardware, delivering bare-metal servers, storage and networking.

The SM15000 links 512 CPU cores, 160 gigabits of I/O networking and more than five petabytes of storage in a 1.28 terabyte fabric called Freedom Fabric.

The hardware in the packaged 10-rack-unit OpenStack bundle includes:

  • 3 Cloud Controllers
  • 57 Nova nodes
  • 3 Cinder nodes
  • 64 GB Object Storage
  • 128 GbE NICs (upgradable to 512)
  • Integrated Layer 2 switching
  • 80 Gbps of I/O.

Canonical software in the package includes Ubuntu server, MAAS, and Juju.