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Apple’s Enterprise Crown Is Falling

By on 21/09/2015

Apple is often considered the king of mobile in the U.S., and despite the infiltration of the iPhone in the market, in the workplace, it’s a different story.

Apple products are losing dominance to competitors when it comes to use in the workplace, and new data suggests the gap is widening. Reports on Wednesday (Aug. 12) said that iOS lost market share to rivals Android and Windows regarding mobile device usage by the enterprise. According to the Good Technology Q2 Mobility Index Report, Apple device proliferation in the workforce dropped to 64 percent in Q2 2015, down from 70 percent in Q1 — its lowest share percentage to date, the report said.


Android, on the other hand, saw a 6 percent increase in market share, up to 32 percent in the quarter. Windows holds 3 percent of the market, while data for BlackBerry use in the workplace remains unavailable, the reports said.

When broken down by specific device, the figures are even more drastic. Use of Apple’s iPad, for example, dropped to 64 percent in Q2 from 81 percent the previous quarter. Both Android and Windows saw an increase in use of their tablets.

And while Apple remains on top in terms of new mobile device activation in many markets — dominating in public sector, health care, financial services, education and insurance — Google has overtaken iOS in the high-tech sector as 53 percent of devices activated in the sector ran on Google’s OS. Android similarly saw a rise in new device activations in the manufacturing and energy industries.

News of Apple’s weakening strength among enterprise users follows the company’s most recent quarterly earnings report in which the firm revealed a record low for its iPad sales. But the conglomerate’s ongoing partnership with IBM continues to encourage employers to adopt Apple products in the workplace, and a recently announced initiative by IBM will see support for companies looking to onboard Apple Macs.