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cPanel Finally Announces Support for Wildcard SSL in 11.38

By on 21/09/2015

A few months ago the team at SpeedySparrow had submitted a feature request to the cPanel development team asking for support for wildcard SSL certificates. Natural support, support that doesn’t require jumping through hoops and performing hacks on your server. The response to this request came in just a few minutes ago from Kenneth Power, one of the cPanel development team staff members. He responds:


We rewrote the SSL Management functionality for cPanel & WHM 11.38. In part this change will deliver the following:

New SSL Management system with full support for SNI allows hosting multiple SSL Certificates, for different domains, on the same IP addressThe ability for server owners and users to determine the primary virtual host for an IP address means incompatible systems will see helpful content. Improved support for Wildcard, and UCC/SAN, certificates allows users to use the same certificate for multiple subdomainsUCC/SAN certificates allow for simplified certificate sharing across multiple domainsImproved user interfaces provide guidance through the various workflows of managing certificates and their assets.

In a nutshell – they’ve decided the feature will be introduced in the next release cPanel, version 11.38. They’re also implementing SNI, which will allow multiple SSL certificates to be installed on a single IP address. I’m looking forward to testing these new features!