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Motorola Unleashes Enterprise Device

By on 21/09/2015

Apple and Microsoft are in a smartphone war as they work to get their devices in the hands of employees and business owners. Technology firms are realizing how enterprise mobility is quickly becoming the norm, and they want to capitalize on the trend.

Motorola is quietly getting in on the action, too. The smartphone maker unrolled its new 4G smartphone last week, with loads of new features that the company said could be particularly attractive to business users.

According to reports, the new device includes a 13-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM, up to 16 GB of internal storage and the phone itself is waterproof. The new phone is called the Moto G.


“The Moto G has a great specification with a screen size and features such as waterproofing that you don’t usually get on a smartphone that’s so affordable,” David Brassington, Tech Data Mobile vendor director, told reporters. “It is going to have a very strong appeal to businesses — particularly those looking to equip their mobile workers with a fast, efficient and practical smartphone that won’t break the budget.”

According to Brassington, Tech Data Mobile is working with Motorola to facilitate overnight delivery and order fulfillment for business customers that want the device.

But Motorola, which has struggled with its revenue in recent years, has some big competition. Market leader Apple is rumored to be adding a slew of new features on its iPhone 6S (or iPhone 7) that are similarly attractive to employees and other users in the workplace. And top rival Microsoft has just launched Windows 10 Pro, an operating system that industry experts say also includes enterprise-focused services.