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Verizon Buys Into Mesosphere’s Data Center OS

By on 23/09/2015

Add Verizon to the list of well-known companies that use a version of Apache Mesos in their data centers. That list also includes Twitter, Apple, Netflix, and Airbnb, among others.

Verizon announced this morning it will implement the commercial distribution of the open source server cluster management software by Mesosphere, the startup driving commercialization of the technology that was born at University of California at Berkeley.


Today is the second and final day of the Linux Foundation’s #MesosCon event in Seattle.

Verizon said Mesosphere’s Datacenter Operating System software will help it build and roll out new services faster and improve scalability and efficiency of those applications.

“Mesosphere DCOS gives Verizon the foundation to create far-reaching benefits by increasing our ability to quickly launch new products and services while reducing the IT requirements in our data centers,” Kumar Vishwanathan, VP and chief technologist for Verizon Labs, said in a statement.

The data center OS abstracts disparate data center resources, such as physical servers and on-premise and cloud VMs, and presents them to applications as a unified pool of resources. It lends itself particularly well to the use of application containers, such as the popular Docker containers.

Technologies and companies like Docker and Mesosphere represent the rising wave of software development and data center operations pioneered by web-scale companies like Google, where new web services and features are created, deployed, and refined quickly and on a constant basis. Used by the web-scale companies for years, this method of development requires a degree of agility on the data center infrastructure side traditional enterprise IT shops aren’t used to, and the likes of Mesosphere hope to help them make the transition and make money in the process.